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enced and humorous teacher, and take

to speaking Chinese.

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lop Chinese way of thinking, and speak Chinese fluently.
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HSK Class   Customized class   Before-class
Join us and get a free HSK class for evaluating the level of your Chinese.   Make study plans for improving your Chinese based on your needs and ability.   Have a preview of the class online and practice your oral Chinese repeatedly.
Human Teacher   After-class   Follow-up
Choose your favourite human teacher and communicate with them.   Turn teachers for help and solve your problems encountered in class.   Follow up your study result and adjust your following study plan.
Why choose us :
Wenzhou Lefu Public Welfare Foundation (WLPWF) aims at helping people in need. It is our moral obligation to help up elders who fall down, which, however, provokes controversy. Fu Zhihong, a patriotic overseas Chinese, invests a large amount of money in establishing WLPWF with helping up elders who fall down as its core value for the purpose of promoting righteousness and transferring positive energy to others. The establishment of the foundation is agreed and supported by leaders at all levels from Publicity Department of CPC Wenzhou Municipal ..
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